Jim Fishwick is an
theatremaker and
experience designer

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Theatre Work

Jim specialises in improvised, interactive, and immersive performance, and is the General Manager of Jetpack Theatre Collective. He was one of the lead creatives on Art Heist, a critically lauded pop-up escape room. A former national champion improvisor, Jim performs and teaches improvised theatre around Australia and the world. He's been an ensemble member at Impro Melbourne and faculty member at Improv Theatre Sydney, and formerly taught improvisation at the University of Sydney.

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Museums + Experiences

Jim has worked a bunch in the museum sector, developing exhibitions, events and experiences for diverse audiences, and is currently available as a freelance experience designer and consultant. He most recently worked as an Assistant Curator at ACMI, where he worked on a major new exhibition.

He has also worked in the curation of videogames and digital culture. Why not check out his article about the cultural significance of Vine, or on selecting videogames for exhibition?

Jim's on the DEAI Advisory Board for MCN, regularly puns about important issues at conferences, sometimes gives talks or publishes papers, and once wrote a fairly well-received Medium piece about museum logos.

"Jim made BAHFest Sydney a sold-out success by combining strong organisational skills with a fantastic eye for performance. I wish I had a copy of Jim to help with our events in the US."

Zach Weinersmith

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In his spare time, Jim is a freelance other-things-doer. He plays the ukulele, and publishes a weekly newsletter of neat links called The Fishwick Papers. He is a contributing question writer for the BBC2 quiz show Only Connect and occasionally publishes wordplay-type quizzes online, with a compendium available on He was a guest escape room designer on Escape This Podcast.

Also he built The Pitch-o-matic.

Writing in third person is weird.