I do work with you, potentially


I've got a wealth of experience in making and implementing experiences, and I'd love to share that expertise with you.

Maybe you're creating a show and are looking for an outside eye. Maybe you're planning a conference and would like to add something special to it. Maybe your improv ensemble is looking to expand their skillset. Maybe you're looking for event and program advice for your organisation.

Whatever it is, get in touch! I'd love to hear how I can help.

There isn't a project I can imagine that Jim could not elevate. They're a cornucopia of creativity, ideas, and expertise, whose guiding hand, especially in the realms of immersive experience, was deeply invaluable and brought our show to a whole new level. I'd work with them again in a heartbeat.

Davey Seagle


Let's make something magical together.

I love a good creative partnership. Whether you need someone to bounce ideas off, to be an ongoing co-conspirator, to be part of your team as you hatch a scheme, write a show or rob a bank (this is satire unless the cops aren't reading it in which case it isn't), I'd love to see how I could be a part of it.

If you've got a team that needs one more person, let me know.

Working with Jim as editor on my book was an absolute pleasure. They listen to what you want to achieve, apply great attention to detail, offer discerning suggestions, and work quickly and professionally. Jim is supportive and fun to work with, organised, and simply offers an invaluable service which helped improve my work immensely.

Patti Stiles


(my branding people said the headings should all start with the same letter)

Unlike Liam Neeson in Taken, I have a very broad set of skills. Chances are I can help deliver the thing you need.

I can produce or project manage your show and/or project. I can MC your event. I can copyedit your words. I can write words for you. I could speak your words into a microphone so you have an audio recording of them. I can do some basic editing on your audio. Oh, and I can act in your play!

Get in touch to tell me what it is you need doing!

Jim made BAHFest Sydney a sold-out success by combining strong organisational skills with a fantastic eye for performance. I wish I had a copy of Jim to help with our events in the US.

Zach Weinersmith