I do theatre

Theatre was my first love. I'm endlessly fascinated by the possibilities of what can be created in the space between an actor and the audience. Here are some of the shows that I've worked on recently:

Butterfly Smokescreen

A black and white photo of three people in 1920s clothing, drinking champagne

An immersive, interactive murder mystery set and performed on a luxury superyacht, retelling one of the most infamous and glamorous scandals in Hollywood history.

“A unique and unforgettable night of immersive theatre”

— Keeping Up With NZ

The Saboteur

A production photo of The Saboteur. Two people look suspiciously at a third person.

Five performers are all working hard to put on a good improv show. Well, almost all of them. One of them is trying to sabotage the show without getting caught. Will The Saboteur be unmasked before the evening is ruined?

Winner: Best Show, New Zealand Improv Fest 2019

“Ingeniously destructive”

— Theatreview

“Delightfully fun and wonderfully unpredictable”

— Wellingtonista
A series of picture frames with Jim, in a beige jumpsuit, lying down, appearing in and out of the frames.

The Museum of This Morning

An interactive solo show, where I interview audience members about the things that they did on the day of the show, then weave those stories together into an on-stage exhibition that spans thousands of years.

Winner: Late Night Knife Fight, August 2020

“Extremely impressive”

— Theatreview

“A fascinating show”

— Wellington Reviews

Art Heist

A photo of a woman running through a gallery, clutching a canvas.

A thrilling, immersive, escape-room style adventure. You and three friends have an hour to steal a painting from a purpose-built gallery, all the while avoiding cameras, fooling alarm systems, distracting guards, sneaking through vents, and avoiding lasers.

Art Heist sold out a four-month run in Sydney in 2017.

“Bespoke, immersive theatre of the highest calibre”

— Sydney Arts Guide


The Jetpack Theatre logo, a cardboard dog wearing a jetpack.

I made many of these shows (and many more!) with my company Jetpack Theatre. Visit Jetpack's website here.

Work with me

I love teaching, collaborating on and speaking about theatre, especially improvised, interactive, immersive and innovative kinds. Find out more about what I can do for you.

Luke Nowell Memorial Offer

A photo of Jim giving Luke a hug.

My friend Luke made brilliant, open-hearted, weird theatre. He also passed away far, far too young.

To honour his memory, I offer free support for theatre shows that are bizarre, physical, tender, comedic, or some combination of these. If you have an idea for a show like that and you want advice or feedback, please let me know.

I can't guarantee I'll have all the answers, but I'll give you what I can, and together we can fill the world with the shows Luke would have liked.